Good Audience now supports scheduled tweets



We just pushed to production the "scheduled tweets" feature. You can now queue up any of the suggested content that your target audience will like. These posts will go out at a later time :)

Above: Click “Tweet Later” to post any of the suggested content at the suggested time.

Above: Manage your scheduled posts and see what’s coming up.

If you have any feedback, find any bugs or want to say hi, contact us here! We respond to everyone :)

Sherman and Karl

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The feature you’ve been asking for..



I’m excited to let you know about the new "unfollow" feature we just pushed to production. It’s something that everyone has been asking for the past couple of weeks. We heard you loud and clear!

The consequence of quickly building an audience that engages with your business is getting a cluttered feed. Now you can curate followers who don’t contribute anything to your business :) We surface these people for you to unfollow.

Key achievements this week:
- Strong organic user growth at +22% with no marketing effort
- Over 30% of all users are active weekly
- Direct user feedback that our value prop can’t be found elsewhere

Above: Love rooftop meetings in SF. Catching up with our current investors and getting feedback from people who are experienced in our space.

Above: Recruiting at UC Berkeley. We’re hiring a few engineers to move faster. If you know someone that will fit into our culture (we love hugs), please send them our way!

Above: A walk down memory lane at Soda Hall. Female computer science students here have increased 10x since Karl and I graduated. So proud to get a chance to talk to them about their experience. 

Sherman and Karl

P.S. Read all our past updates on our blog.

Demo Day is over and it’s only the beginning for Good Audience



Wow, we really enjoyed meeting so many people at Demo Day. The London startup community is definitely strong and growing! It was seriously standing room only :) 

This week we saw another 48% growth in new users. Thank you for your support throughout Techstars. It’s only the beginning and we want to thank you for being part of the journey.

We’re looking for mentors and partners to help take the business forward. You saw what SEO did for search and we believe that Good Audience will do the same for social media. Please reach out if you want to be part of the team :)

Don’t forget to sign up at Give us brutal and honest feedback!

Above: The teams backstage getting ready to pitch. Lots of adrenaline back there.

Above: Another great performance by Stephanie O’Brien during the break between pitches.

Above: Enjoying the special Techstars brew while giving demos of the product.

Sherman and Karl

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Good Audience is ready for demo day!



We’re excited to see you on Friday for demo day! The past 3 months have gone by fast and we’ve made an incredible amount of progress.

Good Audience came into Techstars with an unscalable business. We quickly recognized that, scrapped it, dug deep for customer feedback and pivoted. Our first line of code was written only 7 weeks ago and we are happy with how receptive our beta customers are.

Key Achievements This Week:
- Grew 32% in new users
- Optimizations to scale up increased usage
- Featured on Bloomberg TV

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the beta now at Give us brutal and honest feedback!

Let’s do this,
Sherman and Karl

P.S. Read all our past updates on our blog.

Good Audience sprinting to demo day!



We’re less than two weeks away from the finish line and we’re pushing hard! 

Key Achievements This Week:
- Launched in public beta 
- Grew 68.8% in new users
- Compose and queue custom tweets

If you haven’t already, please sign up for the beta at Give us brutal and honest feedback!

Above: Meeting with one of our key mentors, Julia Hawkins of Universal Music, who really understands how big and important the opportunity we’re attacking is.

Above: Beautiful view of the Armoury House from the Conversocial office. The founder, Josh March, gave us great advice on working with investors who get the social media space is big and growing. If that’s you, we’d love to chat. 

Let’s do this,
Sherman and Karl

P.S. If you know any musicians who want to get more fans on social media, please send them our way!

Good Audience in Techstars Week 10 Update



Another busy week with plenty of meetings and plenty of code!

Key Achievements This Week:
- Grew 19.3% in new users from word of mouth referrals
- Agencies started testing out product
- Kicked off mobile app development


Above: One of our early adopters and iTunes artist, Stephanie O’Brien, visiting Warner Yard. She gave us some great feedback on how to improve the product.


Above: Dinner with an incredibly generous and smart mentor, Doug Scott. Knowledge and drinks flowed :)


Above: Great to see events that the digital media team at LoveLive were responsible for. They gave awesome feedback on new features we could implement.

Your favorite hackers,
Sherman and Karl

P.S. If you know any startups or small businesses who want to use social media to get more users, traffic or sales, please send them our way!

Good Audience in Techstars Week 9 Update



Another week, another iteration. We’re in full execution mode now. There’s only 25 more days until demo day and we’re excited to keep pushing.


The opportunity we’re going after is huge. We make it possible for SMBs to develop the same impact that popular companies have on Twitter. Ever wonder what the 41.6K followers did for a company like New Relic? 500% increase in web traffic, 50% lower cost of user acquisition, and 20% of revenue attributed to Twitter. That could be you :)

Key Achievements This Week:

- UI Improvements
- Suggested retweets and replies



- Scheduled posts


- Content analytics (# of retweets, favorites and clicks)


- Daily goals


Your favorite hackers,
Sherman and Karl

P.S. Please give those new features a whirl and let us know what you think!

Good Audience in Techstars Week 8 Update



Thank you for sending feedback on the alpha last week! For all active users, we saw an increase in your audience size. Keep it up (and to the right!) If you haven’t tried it out yet, just contact us and we’ll give you access.

Key achievements this week:
- Launch of Alpha V2.0.2 

- Daily stats email on how many new followers you got and how
- Queued follow and favorite engagements
- Quick selection of engagements you want
- Quick removal of engagements you don’t approve of
- Added additional datasources for suggestions (keep trying to break it by approving all the engagements :)

Action items for you:
- Keep using the app
- Let us know where improvements can be made
- Send over brutal honest feedback

Your favorite hackers,
Sherman and Karl

Just having a little fun as Karl carries Sherman to a meeting on a laptop. Passed by SmileFamily doing the same. We don’t need Double Robots!

P.S. If you know anyone who could benefit from growing their audience size from 0 to 10K followers, can you please introduce us to them? Thank you!

Good Audience in Techstars Week 7 Update



As you may know, we came to the conclusion during the 2nd week of Techstars that Good Audience V1.0 couldn’t massively scale as a business. We were generating revenue, but knew that it would be capped at a certain amount.

With your support, we made a quick decision to pivot. There was a lot of ground to cover and we executed flawlessly. Weeks of nonstop customer development, meetings with industry experts, prototyping, feedback, and iterating was fun!


Above: Universal Music getting a first look at our pivot and Jon Bradford trying to scare the crap out of us for demo day.

We’re excited to announce that we’re alpha testing Good Audience V2.0.1. If you’re interested in giving it a try, just reach out here. We’d love your feedback!

Target market:
- Startups and small businesses

Value proposition:
- Step-by-step audience growth from 0 to 10K followers
- We made a labor intensive process easy and efficient

Key features:
- Twitter integration
- Suggested tweets to favorite
- Suggested people to follow
- Basic analytics for each social engagement performed
- Content suggestions

Your favorite hackers,
Sherman and Karl

P.S. We shared our experience about the London startup community in Tech City News.

The London startup scene: Why we moved our company from San Francisco




The most frequently asked question we get as a startup in London is: 

Why London?

Good Audience has been going through Techstars London for a month now. When ever we meet someone new, they’re always surprised to find out where we moved from. Yes, we’re from San Francisco; yes, we could have moved to any major city; yes, we understand startups around here are doing the opposite and trying to move to Silicon Valley.

When we made the decision to move to London, we had offers on the table from other US investors, but reflecting back, it was always an easy decision. We asked ourselves this: Why not London?

Community and Network

The US investors tried their hardest to convince us that the startup community and the network we would build in London would never be as strong as the one we could grow in the states. Although there was money on the table, this was a valid concern.

One of the other companies going through the program with us now had wrestled with the same issue before joining.

However, upon finally deciding on locating to London, those concerns were quickly obliterated.

There is an inherently strong startup community in London that we’ve never felt anywhere else before. Entrepreneurs here are extremely generous to help and support a fellow entrepreneur in need. Need an intro to another founder who has 5 years experience in your space? How about to big companies like Twitter, Facebook or Google? Or even VCs willing to give you feedback? Not a problem. Almost everyone is willing to take a meeting as long as what you’re asking is clear.

In a few short weeks, we went from knowing nobody, to being able to tap into anybody’s network. This unabashed openness and willingness to help shown by those who can, comes around full circle; we’re able to give intros to those who need, back to people in San Francisco.


Above: Sherman is pitching some new features to SmileFamily and immediately gets introduced to a music company that could use it.

Lean Startup and Customer Development

As two hackers (ex-Google/Yahoo, yes we have coding death matches), we’re eager to put our heads down and just code. None of the entrepreneurs we’ve met actually do that around here. We get our ass kicked every time we try to slam on the gas pedal, before validating our assumptions. Lean startup is a must mindset in this community and people will remind you if you’re jumping the gun.

Receiving constructive feedback on your idea and vision is important, even if that means changing it. After meeting with over 80+ industry experts, potential customers, and investors; within the first week, we realized we would have to pivot. Our business was generating revenue, but it wasn’t scalable. Our assumptions didn’t survive the first mentor week. Pivoting at that point became an easy decision, one we wouldn’t have been able to make without all the support from the network.

By the next week’s time, we were able to reconfigure the business and present as basically a brand new company with a vision everyone was excited about. We were able to build much more productive relationships and sailed through the next two weeks of mentors. It was amazing how supportive everyone was in our decision to pivot.


Above: TeamDizzy working on their next album. We met these guys outside the Warner Yard office doing a photo shoot for their album cover. Serendipitous relationships like this wouldn’t have happened without the encouragement of the community pushing for customer development. 

Work and Travel

As a company, we love traveling and experiencing different cultures. The opportunity to live in London, work on our startup, expand our network, and do pub crawls was an opportunity we just couldn’t pass up.

We’ve met amazing people from all over the world. The city is beautiful and its humbling to soak up the history as we walk by buildings and through neighborhoods older than our home country. We picked up on all the British terms (e.g. queue vs line) and even use correct British spelling! For where we are now as a company, there is really no better place we could have chosen to build our company and network.

We’ve survived the first month of Techstars and have made so much progress with the business. We pivoted, developed a prototype to explain our vision, received invaluable feedback, and are now heads down working on a version which we can begin testing with early adopters.

From London with love,

Sherman and Karl